African Leaders Call for Global Action on Climate Change

Innoventia Africa – African leaders have called for urgent action on climate change, warning that the continent is facing disproportionate burdens and risks from the effects of the crisis.

The call came at the end of the Africa Climate Summit 2023, held in Nairobi, Kenya from September 4 to 6. The summit was attended by over 1,500 delegates from across Africa and the world.

The Nairobi Declaration, which was adopted unanimously by the summit, expresses concern that many African countries are facing the brunt of climate change, including prolonged droughts, devastating floods, and wildfires. These events are causing widespread humanitarian crises, with devastating impacts on economies, health, education, peace, and security.

The declaration calls on the global community to act with urgency to reduce emissions, fulfill its obligations, and keep past promises to support Africa in addressing climate change. Specifically, the declaration calls for:

  • Accelerating all efforts to reduce emissions to align with the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement.
  • Honoring the commitment to provide $100 billion in annual climate finance, as promised 14 years ago at the Copenhagen conference.
  • Upholding commitments to a fair and accelerated process of phasing down coal, and abolishing all fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Swiftly operationalizing the Loss and Damage facility agreed at COP27.
  • Calling upon world leaders to appreciate that decarbonizing the global economy is also an opportunity to contribute to equality and shared prosperity.
  • Proposing to establish a new financing architecture that is responsive to Africa’s needs, including debt restructuring and relief, including the development of a new Global Climate Finance Charter through UNGA and COP processes by 2025.
    The Nairobi Declaration is a significant step forward in the fight against climate change. It demonstrates the commitment of African leaders to addressing this crisis, and it sends a strong message to the global community that urgent action is needed.
Experts, leaders praised the summit, Nairobi declaration

“This summit places climate finance at the very core of climate discussions, making resource allocation a central focus to ensure global support for Africa. Additionally, it centers the concerns of ordinary people in the heart of the negotiations,” Fredrick Kwame Kumah, the vice president responsible for global leadership at the Africa Wildlife Foundation told Anadolu Agency.

Kenyan President William Ruto said the Nairobi Declaration firmly renews the continent’s commitment to global climate action and sustainable development, infusing it with a distinctive African character.

“This declaration marks a pivotal moment in our collective efforts, with an urgent call to the international community to prioritise humanity’s economic and ecological needs for our sustainable growth.” – Ruto added.

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