Madagascar Embraces Digital Platform to Boost Business Linkages

Innoventia Africa – In a significant stride towards bolstering economic ties and fostering collaboration in Madagascar, the African Development Bank (AfDB) ┬áhas unveiled the Mada Business Linkage, a pioneering digital platform set to transform business interactions in the island nation situated off the southeast coast of Africa.

Launched on September 14, 2023, in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, the Mada Business Linkage is a Business-to-Business (B2B) digital platform designed to seamlessly connect registered enterprises operating within the country.

Its primary goal is to serve as a bridge for companies seeking suppliers or subcontractors, as well as to enhance the visibility of businesses actively pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships.

The platform comes as part of the Small and Medium-sized (SME) Business Linkage Program initiated by the AfDB.

This comprehensive program, covering various sectors of the economy, aims to stimulate SME growth, propel large-scale economic development, and generate improved employment prospects for women and youth in key industries. The AfDB has invested $1.4 million in the Madagascar SME Business Linkage Program.

During the initial phase, Malagasy enterprises can register on the Mada Business Linkage platform and utilize its services free of charge until early 2024, according of AfDB.

During this period, they can not only present their businesses to a network of peers but also access valuable data on prospective partners for collaboration. Following this grace period, the platform will become self-sustaining, funded by annual subscription fees from its members.

Adam Amoumoun, the Country Manager of the AfDB in Madagascar, highlighted the innovative nature of the business linkage development program.

He emphasized that SMEs now have the means to seize opportunities presented by larger enterprises through this online platform. He also expressed the intent to scale up the program to fortify the local supply chain.

Ingenosya, a digital transformation company headquartered in Madagascar, spearheaded the design and development of the Mada Business Linkage platform.

Miangaly Andriamampandry, Deputy Director of Ingenosya, extended an open invitation to all interested companies, encouraging them to explore the platform’s benefits. She highlighted its newfound accessibility and versatility.

Sandrine Rakotovao, responsible for the SME Business Linkage Program at the AfDB, unveiled plans for a comprehensive campaign aimed at disseminating information and promoting the platform throughout October 2023.

This transformative digital initiative promises to usher in a new era of business cooperation and growth in Madagascar, ultimately strengthening the nation’s position within the global economy.

By Felix Tih

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